Selenium - Tutorials and Best practices

This is my short and basic course that will help you to get started with selenium automation framework, in this course you will learn how to work with the selenium to create automated WEB tests for any Web Browser applications.

In addition, this entire code examples are written with C#, which is very unique to my blog, so please feel free to share this course to help as many people as possible! 

 Article Name
 Lesson #1
 Why should you learn selenium?
 Lesson #2
 Introduction to the Selenium Suite
 Lesson #3
 Selenium IDE (Download & Installation)
 Lesson #4
 Selenium IDE ( The basic features )
 Lesson #5
 Creating Your First Selenium test
 Lesson #6
 Selenium WebDriver – Installation and configuration with C#
 Lesson #7
 Working with Mozilla Firebug
 Lesson #8
 Selenium WebDriver - Web Browser Commands with C#
 Lesson #9
 Selenium WebDriver - Web Browser Elements (Text Field & Button) with C#
 Lesson #10
 Selenium WebDriver - Web Browser Elements (Radio Button) with C#
 Lesson #11
 Selenium WebDriver - Web Browser Elements (Checkbox) with C#
 Lesson #12
 Selenium WebDriver - Web Browser Elements (Combo Box/Drop-Down) with   C#
 Lesson #13
 Selenium WebDriver – Window Handles with C#
 Lesson #14
 Selenium WebDriver - Wait Commands in C#
 Lesson #15
 Selenium WebDriver – Working with Tables (C#)
 Lesson #16
 Selenium WebDriver – Browser Profiles(C#)
 Lesson #17
 Selenium WebDriver – Capturing Screenshots (C#)
 Lesson #18
 Selenium WebDriver – Design Pattern for Web Page Testing(C#)
 Lesson #19
 Selenium WebDriver  – Testing in the real world


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