Personal Capabilities

After few years in the software industry, I see myself as a true expert in the Quality Assurance field, my main goal is to promote the testing field in our industry while delivering a true professionalism and example for others, based on my experience I can classify myself as an expert in two different layers of the QA field:

Senior Quality Assurance Analyst:  
  • Mastering the entire testing process, starting from product reviews (PM team), participating in development process (R&D / DB Teams), configuring complicated test environments, performing Risk Management and executing and managing the test plan.
  • Specialist in establishing High QA standards for applications (Existence and new) throughout the tasting life cycle.
  • Specialist in “Static Testing “analyze for both QA documentation (STP, STD, ATP,STR)and other technical specifications needed for the testing cycle (SRS,DDD,SDD)
  • Specialist in analyze the QA testing results (STR) to discover the main faults throughout the testing life cycle.
  • Great knowledge in Preparing and analyze highly detailed statistical documentation.
  • Great communications skills to deliver and manage the relevant info throughout all the testing phases (Daily Progress, Test results, barriers, Engineering meetings and more).
  • Great collaboration skills to manage different teams involved in the testing life cycle (Development, Project managers and testing teams).
  • Expert in designing highly complex test plans to ensure the End quality of the software.
  • Specialist in software architecture design using Visio to deliver highly detailed information to the engineering teams (Development/QA).
  • Expert in deliver new technologies (inside/External) to the engineering teams (build courses from scratch, mentor and educate new/existing employees) to handle the software obstacles.
  • Expert in project lead without real documentation and support from PM team.
  • Great vision to see the project “Big Picture” that help make a great analyze for the project boundaries, targets and timelines.

Senior Quality Assurance engineer: 
  • Specialist in building testing environment from scratch for both manual and automated testing.
  • Specialist in Software QA engineering on large scale environments (Client <->Server).
  • Specialist in complex QA testing documentation for High-End software architecture (Acceptance tests (ATP), Software test planning (STP), Software test design (STD), Software tests results (STR)).
  • Expert in multiple test Types:
  • Sanity, Regression, Functionality, System, integration, Black Box, Usability , User Interface , Performance, Non Functional Testing , compatibility and load testing and more.
  • Specialist on exploratory testing
  • Experienced in multi-threading tests on large scale environments (IO / CPU)
  • Experienced in distributed Database tests combining Client server architecture
  • Experienced in automation planning and execution (Automation design from scratch, build test cases using Xml's and executing test cases).
  • Work with the company automation tool
  • Great ability to deliver software releases tested to the highest standard.
  • Great communication skills at all levels in both non-technical and technical terms.
  • Leadership and excellent human relations.
  • Ability to handle massive pressure while working and managing multiple projects.
  • Working with Bugzilla, Test Trail and MTM

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