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Job Interview Mistakes to Avoid | David Tzemach


In this article, I will review the main mistakes that you can do during an interview in the software industry, the list is combined with my personal experience and from stories that I gathered along my 12 years in the software industry.

The principles

Prior to reviewing the list, let's talk about the key principles that you must be familiar with.
·         The software industry has many opportunities that you can use to find your next job.
·         My list will help you to avoid the basic mistakes that are interview "Killers".
·         Try to find the hidden goals behind the interviewer questions.
·         The software industry needs more and more people.
·         Remember that when you go to an interview, you should always position yourself as the solution to their problem.

Interview killer mistakes


1.       Make sure that your resume is reflecting your real knowledge.
2.       Your CV is not focused on the specific job that you want.
3.       Never lie, a good interviewer will catch you!
4.       Providing the wrong contact information.
5.       Validate that your resume is short.
6.       Make sure that your CV contains the relevant data, the interviewer does not care what you did 100 years ago.
7.       Never have a Grammar error.
8.       Never have a spelling error.

Interview preparation

9.       You don’t know what is the exact position that you invited for.
10.   Failing to understand the importance of a phone interview.
11.   Failure to explain why you are the best man for the job.
12.   You don’t know what characteristics of the job.
13.   You don’t know the requirements of the job.
14.   Remember what you wrote on your resume.
15.   You don’t know what the company does.
16.   You use assumptions instead of facts.
17.   Do not answer with 'Yes' or 'No'.
18.   Keep the basic Dressing codes.
19.   Know the salary expectations.  
20.   Do not late to the interview.
21.   You failed to ask questions.
22.   Do not arrive too early.

Personality Mistakes

23.   You are nor demonstrating enthusiasm.
24.   Showing off, no one will appreciate it.
25.   Sounding too desperate for the job.
26.   Speaking rudely to the interviewer.
27.   Not receiving any criticism.
28.   Forgetting your manners.
29.   Do not be too emotional.
30.   You are being too needy.
31.   You Become Defensive.
32.   You Become angry.

Interview mistakes

33.   Don’t ask about the job benefits of the first phase of the interview.
34.   You indicate that you are not willing to work after official hours.
35.   You indicate that you are not willing to start at the bottom.
36.   You indicate that you are not willing to work in a team.
37.   You are using a "Slang" language during the interview.
38.   Failing to listen to what the interviewer is telling you.
39.   lying about your experience and knowledge.
40.   Making an obvious weakness seem positive.
41.   Bad-mounting your former employer.
42.   Don’t lie about your salary demands.
43.   You failed to explain your strengths.
44.   Negativism against the interviewer.
45.   Trash talking with the interviewer.
46.   Complaining about stupid things.
47.   Do not ask too many questions.
48.   Failing to make an Eye contact.
49.   Interrupting the interviewer.
50.   Leaving your cell phone on.
51.   You apologize too much.
52.   Overselling Yourself.
53.   Don’t talk too much, philosophy is great, but you can keep it to yourself if you didn't ask to explain it.
54.   Chewing gum.


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  2. The main thing is to do the preparatory work before starting the interview, this will help to achieve a good result.

  3. Wow, that is quite a lot :) The only mistake I will surely make is not remembering all the possible mistakes from that list :) just kidding, your post is helpful, thank you for sharing your experience with us.

  4. The writings so beautifully composed. They are just irresistible.

  5. Wow. A great helpful list. Everyone just prints this list out as a checklist. Then do and check. It will help a lot.


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