Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Definition of DONE (DoD) in Scrum | Supreme Agile

תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪definition of done agile‬‏

In order for a scrum team to be able to understand when a user story from the Sprint Backlog can be marked as "Done", the team will use a technique called "DoD" that is used to determine a set of Requirements, conditions and quality factors of necessary activities that must be completed to ensure that the team will deliver the user story in the highest quality to add value to the customer.

In addition, a good DoD, will help the team members to get a clear understanding of what is expected from them per story, which will reduce the uncertainty and will allow them to focus on the things that matter. Some great examples for that is that DoD is also used to determine if all tasks are written during sprint planning and also as a checklist at the end of the sprint to verify whether all activities were completed by the team 

DoD at various Scrum levels

We can use DoD on different project levels, the simplicity and clarification that a good DoD provides for the team can be added to many other scrum process and Artifacts, Examples:

  1. Definition of Done for Sprint (Collection of goals that the team must develop within the sprint time-frame).
  2. Definition of Done for product release (It’s the PO decision to decide on the criteria of what it takes to release the product).
  3. Definition of Done for a user story (Commitment to the product owner).
  4. Definition of Done for a Task (Tests are passed in 100%, Code is implemented, Code review was made Etc.).

What is a typical DoD will look like?

A DoD may look different between one scrum team or another, but the typical DoD would be similar to:

  1. An HLD will be written and reviewed by the team.
  2. The code will be implemented and code review is made.
  3. The new code should be covered with tests at all application levels (Unit, component, Integration, and System).
  4. The code should be integrated into version 1.0.
  5. A working service should be presented in the review meeting.

Expected Benefits of using DoD

  1. The Definition of Done will help the team to understand what is expected from them once they take commitment on a user story.
  2. The Definition of Done will help the team to make a better time estimation because they can understand the work effort they need to put in order to complete the DoD.
  3. The Definition of Done will help the team to gain a shared understanding to ensure transparency.

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