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Scrum Team Roles & Responsibilities | Supreme Agile

The scrum team in scrum process is a collection of individuals with cross-functional capabilities (Developers, Testers, Designers Etc.) working as a single unit to deliver the work they collectively committed to accomplishing within an iteration.

The effectiveness of a scrum team is determined by their capability to work together as a special unit (Think about an elite army unit) that follows a common goal and vision determined by the product owner, this factors are critical for any methodology but particularly in scrum process that embraces collaboration and respect among the team individuals.

תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪Scrum Team ‬‏

What should be the size of the scrum team?

Scrum teams are like any other special army unit combined with 5 to 9 resources. If there is a project that needs more resources to handle the job effort, we will add more scrum teams that coordinate together to achieve the project goals.

Characteristics of a scrum team 

These are the list of characteristics that we want to have in scrum teams: 
  • Each individual associated with the scrum team should work full time with the team.
  • The knowledge and technical skills within the scrum team are balanced.
  • Team members should follow the same rules, norms, and guidelines.
  • Motivated people that embrace the upcoming challenges.
  • Resource shouldn’t be assigned to other teams).
  • Shares experience with other team members.
  • The scrum team is self-organized.
  • Although the scrum team is built from a set of individuals, they should love to work one with each other.
  • Although the team is built from a set of individuals, they should be committed to the project vision. 

The responsibilities of the scrum team

The scrum team is responsible for the practical side of the project because they will the story collection that the project he's based on, but in addition to this, the scrum team has a few more responsibilities which have to be fulfilled:
  • They must make sure that they update their daily progress in the scrum board.
  • They must validate that they deliver the shippable units they committed on them at the start of the sprint.
  • They should add real action items in the retrospective meeting that will enforce the most important rule in scrum of continues improvement. 
  • They should report for any problems they have during the sprint, so the scrum master can resolve it. 
  • They should make a real time estimation regarding the work effort they should perform in a sprint.
  • They must attend and participate in all scrum meetings (Daily, review, retrospective Etc.).

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