Friday, July 1, 2016

What is a “Use case” in software testing?

A “use case” in software testing, can be described as a detailed description of a user requirement that will help the test team to become familiar about the way that the user expects the application to operate.

A good and effective Use case, will describe the user operations (Step-By-Step) and the exact way that he wants to use the software functionalities

Things to remember:

  • A Use case should be written as a requirement in the SRS/Spec documents.
  • A Use case can be described in many ways, such as Flows, Diagrams Etc.
  • A Use case should be detailed enough so the testers can understand it.
  • A Use case should contain a user operation and the expected result.
  • A Use case is NOT a "Test case" (Test case is designed based on it).
  • A good use case will be valuable to the user.
  • Single Use case per requirement. 


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