Saturday, July 2, 2016

System Test Review Checklist | David Tzemach

System Test Review Checklist

1.     Validate that every test objective is reviewed and approved by the team.
2.       Validate that every test is connected to a requirement (Each test should be linked to a specific requirement that will increase the traceability factor).
3.       Validate that your system tests will cover every requirement.
4.       Validate that you have a sufficient time to allow bug fixes.
5.       In any case that you need to test the system
with existing systems, validate the following:
a.       What are the requirements and specifications of the other system?
b.      What are the interfaces that are used to allow the integration process?
c.       What is the data flow between the two systems?
d.      Are there any hardware/application bottlenecks?
6.       Validate that you have a criterion for test coverage.
7.       Validate that your testing data is reviewed and approved.
8.       Validate that your team as the relevant knowledge to execute the tests.
9.       Validate that your team will know the business case behind the system
10.   Validate that each test is independent.
11.   Validate that you have a test preparation prior to the start of the testing cycles (Test Data, Test Environment etc.).

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