Friday, December 16, 2016

Lesson #3 - Selenium IDE (Download & Installation)

Selenium IDE – Requirements 

Like every other application, Selenium IDE has a few preliminary requirements that we need to set up.

The basic requirements:

  • Supported operating system (Window 7 window 8 Etc.).
  • Mozilla Firefox web browser (Download Link)
  • At least 500-600MB free disk space (Minimum requirement).
  • At least 2GB RAM (Minimum required).

Selenium IDE – Downloading

Before we can use the IDE plug-in, we first need to download it, please follow these few basic steps to accomplish this task:

Downloading Steps: 

Step 1: Open the Firefox browser

Step 2: Navigate to the selenium download page at “"

Step 3: On the Download page, select the last version link that’s located beneath the “Selenium IDE” section:


Step 4: After clicking the link, you will see a security notification that requires a specific permission to download the requested selenium Add-on. To continue the download process, press the “Allow” button.

Selenium IDE – Installation

Step 5: After downloading has completed, you will see a new dialog box as shown in the following capture. Press on the “Install Now” button.

Step 6: The Firefox browser will install the Selenium IDE Add-on, and Firefox should be restarted before we can use the Selenium Add-on.

Selenium IDE – Configuration

To use and configure the Selenium IDE (once the Firefox browser is started), we can use one from the three options: 

Option no’1: Click on the selenium IDE icon that located on the upper right corner of the browser


Option no’2: Open the browser settings -> Developer -> Select “Selenium IDE”


Option no’3: The final and simplest option is just to use the predefined shortcut "Alt + Ctrl + S" (See the above image).