Saturday, February 7, 2015

Defect Life cycle - The complete flow

I have written more than 150 articles in this blog, but sometimes you create something and it just makes you proud, in my opinion, this post provides the best descriptions of the “Defect Life Cycle” flow. 

The story behind this diagram is starting from a call that I got a few weeks ago from one of my colleagues, during this conversation, he told me that one of his biggest clients request to deliver a highly detailed presentation of the “Defect Life Cycle” to more than 300 employees. 

The first answer was sure NP, I can do it for you. But after few hours of thinking and investigation that I made, I decided that another presentation will not be enough, why not creating a highly detailed diagram that can explain the story of the DLC story?  

So I called him back and suggest this instead of a presentation, the response was that he doesn’t think that it can replace the original request, but let’s do it, just in case that the client may love it (Well, the client loved it, the employees loved it, great success…!). 

Based on this story, I decided to create a more generic flow that I can publish to my wider audience and design it to support the main bug tracking systems. 

This post contains the DLC diagram in addition to the actual file that I shared under my Dropbox folder, please download and add your comments, I spent many hours creating this for you.


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