Monday, August 25, 2014

Verify the truth about a person resume


The first recruitment stage starts when you receive the candidate resume, after short review you can get the basic information regarding the technical and personal skills of that person, for some recruiters this basic information will be good enough to invite the candidate to a personal interview and to continue with the recruitment process, but based on my experience I can say as a true fact that in many cases this basic information is not good enough, why?

Think about yourself, how would you prepare your CV (from a pure interest) for a position that you really want..? I’m sure that your CV is written with few deviations from the real truth, and I cannot blame you for that, sometimes you only want the opportunity to get employed and you sure that you’re the best person for the job.

That’s great for you, but the opposite for the recruiter, you all know that the recruitment process is an expensive one, first we need a person to do the job done (we need to recruit quickly as possible). Second, think about the waste of time and money for your company when this process is taking more time than expected (advertising, interviews…).

One of the Basic ways that a recruiter can use to overcome this issue, is making a simple investigation that can help him to understand the basic truth about a person (Is the written capabilities and knowledge are the ones that the candidate truly possesses…?) and to be prepared with the right questions for the personal interview, that’s his job to find the most suitable persons, the ones that can stand behind their CV.

The direct benefits of a good recruiter that search the missing data with a simple investigation:

1.    Reduce the personal interview with the candidates that don’t relevant to the organization and waste your time if you invite them to the next recruitment stage (Personal interview).

2.    Gain a great information about candidates that relevant to your organization, this information will be used to design the relevant interview questions and in addition, you can understand the quality of the person and the benefits he can add to your organization.

The social network as a data resource

I think that the social network is probably one of the greatest locations that a recruiter can use to allocate the relevant data about a candidate, it’s simple, fast and approachable for use.
A recruiter that understand and control this world can gain a Hugh advantage against other recruiters, just think about the available data in the big social network platforms (LinkedIn/Facebook/Google) that you can compare against the data presented to you on the candidate CV.
Education (degrees, publicities other qualifications):
Conferences - that the candidate attends (I think that conferences are a great place to learn and understand new ways to improve yourself in the software world).

Degrees and qualifications - can help you to understand the theoretical knowledge of a person (at least I hope it is…).

Activities in the social media - you can validate the quality of those materials and get some great data about the candidate's writing skills and theoretical knowledge.

Learning institutes - simple, sometimes you prefer degrees from specific institutes against the other once, in this example, you can investigate about an institute that you failed to be familiar with and questioning the quality of the students that sent you their CV’s.
Previous employment:
What went wrong? As a recruiter, I think that it’s basic to questioning the real cause of “why the candidate is no longer works in is the previous place?”, I think that the answer to such question is really important because there is a Hugh difference between someone that is really looking for is the next challenge against someone that fired due to unsatisfied performance.

Position - you probably will want to know the exact positions that the person did in his previous companies, why? Because it’s great indications of the tasks and challenges he used to have, from this point it’s very easy to understand the basic qualities of that person. In addition, from my experience sometimes the positions that the person described in his CV is completely different from the actual role that he performed in his past.

Recommenders - you probably familiar with the fact that some of your candidates will provide phone numbers of recommenders that will tell you stories about the benefits and qualities that you will profit if you recruit this person. Well from my experience I can tell you that sometimes the second opinion that you can get from other persons that used to work with the candidate is the one that can provide the real data about the true nature of the candidate.
Personal information:
The social networks can help the recruiter to extract a massive amount of data about a person if the recruiter understands this power and know how to search he can get a Hugh advantage on other recruiters, and what is a “Personal” information..?
  • The person's natural surroundings (Family and close friends).
  • The person's true personality as reflected in the social network.
  • The person's hobbies.

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