Monday, April 21, 2014

Static Vs. Dynamic testing - Objectives

Objectives of Static testing

To really understand the objective of “Static Testing” you must first understand the crucial point of finding bugs early as possible and the direct impact it has on the entire procedure of Requirements, Design, Developing and Testing in the factors of time and money.

Now, you all know that every bug that found has the three usual steps of the investigation, fixing and testing, this procedure is a great example of how the company can lose time and money, but the real problem occurs when those bugs failed to be found in earlier stages, the reason? The reason is basic and explained in one simple sentence “The later the bug is found, the company losses increased”, as a result, finding bugs earlier as possible has great importance, especially today in the software market that contain multiple competitors that doesn’t allow you to late in the product delivery.

After the problem explained, it’s now the time to discuss about the solution that called “Static Testing”, static testing allow us to make our tests on the earlier stages of the software life cycle (Requirements and specification), the main objective to use this testing method is to find the bugs on the earlier point of the software life cycle and remove those bugs on future stages.

Objectives of dynamic testing

The main objectives of this testing method is to find the software bugs while the code executed, during those tests we make sure that our application behaves based on the predefined requirements and specifications.


  1. Hi David!
    By reading your post, I thought about the software development context in which your described concept could fit. My opinion is that your static and dynamic testing concept could fit in waterfall software development process. It seems that your concepts are defined around specification and requirements. What is your opinion about the context of proposed testing concepts?

    Regards, KArlo.

  2. First, I want to thank you for the reading and the comment,

    Regarding your question,

    Dynamic and static testing are two different concepts that relevant for every software development process, this article specifically is written based on the ”waterfall” model because it's the easiest way to demonstrate the testing process for both Dynamic/Static methods.


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