Friday, March 7, 2014

The characteristics of a specialist tester - The drive to explore

The drive to explore is probably one of the most important characteristics you need as a tester, just think about the regular procedure of your testing cycle when you receive the first Spec/DDD/SRS/for the tested software and based on it you should start and write your testing plan, the regular tester will follow such docs and base is STD directly on the delivered requirements and specifications, that’s good for the average tester, but for me this testing is not an option, the drive to explore should be effective in a way that the tester will want to accomplish the following targets:

  • Be familiar with the missing requirements that failed to be delivered from the design docs (SRS, DDD, Specs and more).

  • Be familiar with the internal architecture of the tested software, understanding the structure is basic for every testing, it’s clear that you achieve better testing when you really understand the components and the integration between them.

  • Be familiar with the way that leads to the current  software design and structured in such way, this exploration allow you to understand the limitation and other issues that took place in the coding stage.

  • Be familiar with new technologies that provide platforms or support to the tested software, as you probably know every software could be affected by external interactions, when a tester familiar with the main once he can understand the risks and design tests that by far more effective.

  • Be familiar with QA theory, you can be a good tester, but for me a true specialist should always seeking a new theoretical knowledge that could be used in daily work.

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