Saturday, March 29, 2014

Dynamic testing

The exact opposite from the static testing, in this test method we perform all testing operations that related directly to the software (Runtime Environments), to be more specific this type of testing involve a software executions for reviling a hidden software bugs.

In addition, dynamic testing are the tests that let the tester to understand the quality of the tested software, you probably know that you cannot test all inputs in your tested software. Therefore, you must make the best “Risk Management” and decide the most relevant inputs that may supply and represent the software quality, using the correct inputs will help you understand the real quality and resilience of your software, if you failed to do so, the conclusion for the end quality may be irrelevant and will not reflect the real quality.

Dynamic testing includes different activities as described in the list below:

  • Testing the system performance.
  • Testing the system functionality.
  • Testing the software with predefined inputs.
  • Testing the system behavior with different testing manipulations (Usually performed with a specific subset of inputs).

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