Thursday, August 8, 2013

VMware ESX/I Server

What is VMware ESX server?

The VMware ESX server allows you the administrator, to make a lot of tasks to reduce your IT costs. More than that it’s allows you to work with other technology from what you are using now. Among the many benefits you can achieve here you have the most critical points for working with VMware technology

1.       The VMware server allows you to run Multiple VM servers on one physical server, for example you can put your DC, Exchange and your File servers on one Physical server but on different virtual machines.

2.       The ESX server can support many hardware limits you have till now, the more is better, the ESX server supports multi-processors, massive amounts of RAM and in the storage area you have SUN and NAS support as you can imagine.

3.       The ESX supports many options for Central management; you can use GUI (VMware vSphire client), Telnet (Using putti) or the Web options provided with the ESX server.

4.       The ESX server allows you to control Communication between your Servers using Virtual Networks, you can create different VLAN’S or different Switches depend on your Physical NIC you installed on the server.

What is the Kernel?

·         It manages the Physical resources of the server- memory, CPU, storage and network.

·         The heart of VMware ESX and its power.

·         An operating system that works at the virtualization layer so you can achieve better performance using the ESX server.

·         Without VMkernel you cannot use many great tools from VMware like Vmotion that I will explain on the following post.

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