Thursday, August 8, 2013

VMware ESX - WMware Center

As you already understand you can use VMware client to manage each one of your ESX servers reside on your organization, and it is not good enough!

The solution that helps you see all your ESX Host as come with the VMware Center application that helps you achieves that goal. You can think about that application as a bridge connecting

 VMware Client-> VMware Center->All the company Hosts (ESX Servers)

·         Product Description – Like I mention above this application allows you to create centralized management platform for VMware ESX Server (not VMware Server).

The Centralized management is for the ESX servers and not for the VMware Server

·         Use Cases

o   Ease administration & data center resources

o   Testing & development – you can take the entire production environment and put it on a virtual machines separated from the local Segments and Vlans.

o   Easy for deployments for large infrastructure to meet business demands.

o   Better hardware utilization – as I told you VMware supports large amounts of Hardware (CPU, Memory ….).

·         Features

o   Large scale Performance -100’s of servers & 1000’s of VMs

o   Centralized management including cloning,templets,guided consolidation of P2V, live migration of VM disks,Centrelaid licensing,multi level alerts and notifications ,management delegation,Reporting,high-avilabilty,auditing,energy resources optimization, and more .

·         Centralized – no more logging onto each host

·         14 days grace period to login to ESX if license server is down or unavailable

·         If the VC is going off it does not affect the ESX hosts!

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