Thursday, August 8, 2013

VMware ESX - Vmotion Feature

Key Points :

·         Vmotion is licensed Virtual infrastructure feature that performs the migration of RUNNING virtual machines with NO downtime.

·         Vmotion requires a centralized SAN or NAS to store the VM as the VM never really leaves the central storage
·         To use VMotion you must configure a new VMKernel network interface on each system(you need to create dedicated Vmnetwork for it).
·         That Vmotion network transmits memory of the systems
·         Darning that time, all the changes are stored in a bitmap on the host and is the last thing to be Moved to the new server

·         The gust has a very short quiescent state when moved to new host while memory bitmap is moved

·         Prior to being moved ,the machine is evaluated and there are lots of opportunities for errors as the two host machines and configuration must be very compatible


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