Thursday, August 8, 2013

VMware ESX - Virtual Center Minimums & Requirements

To install Virtual Center, The Virtual Center server must have:

·         Administrator privileges on the installing system to install the Virtual Center server. The VC server installations add VC as windows service.

·         Almost on any OS system (include windows XP PRO but not Linux!!!!).

·         Minimum 2GB RAM for VC configurations managing 50 Hosts or less .greater than 50 hosts configurations, use 3GB RAM (if you use 32-bit systems 4GB is the maximum).

·         The VC can be installed on a Virtual Machine and could be installed on the same OS containing Virtual Client (I recommended to put the VC on a different dedicate server).

Installing Virtual Center

You have 3 Servers to install:

1.      Database Server – you can create new one or connect an existing database.

2.      License Server – you could create it on the Database server, but remember that it’s a different program that has her on shortcuts.

3.      Virtual Center server
            All servers specified above – will install from the same CD to the same server.

4.      VC client – download from the ESX webpage (you can do it after you installed your ESX server).

Adding Datacenter in VCENTER using Vclient

1.      New Datacenter – here we add a difference sites contains ESX servers.

2.      New Folder – if we chose this option we cannot add sites with ESX servers, so we need to choose Folder->New Database-> add site.


This is important issue because here you can create the Hierarchy of your sites .


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