Thursday, August 8, 2013

VMware ESX - Templates Issues

      ·         Temples are Copy of  a virtual guest machine(Kind of an Image) .

·         A template is a “snapshot” of that VM taken at a time when the VM was freshly installed and before it was “used”, because you don’t want to use dirty machines .

·         Templates typically include:

o   Fresh install of guest OS with Updates.

o   All Necessary Applications

o   VMware Tools (will be discussed on another post)

·         Existing VMs can be converted to temples(but if already used it’s not recommended ! ).

·         Temples can “deployed” /cloned (but not converted) to new VMs OR they can be converted back to VMs

·         Templates are stored along with VMs in a folders and in data stores

You have to go to the “virtual machines & temples” inventory view to see your templates or   else they won’t be visible.

Creating Template

Create a fresh copy of OS and install all application you need on that folder , after you finish create this VM.

Right Click on the VM-> Convert to Template :

After we convert the VM into template we will see a “White paper”  as additional VM machine , when we click on it we have two options :

Deploy Virtual Machine from this Template -> create a new virtual Machine from this template , with the same configuration configured on the VM we create that template .

Convert to Virtual Machine -> convert the template to the Original machine (Will erase the template we just create).


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