Thursday, August 8, 2013

VMware ESX-Tasks, Events, Alarms, and Maps

Configure SNMP and SMTP email for your Virtual Center Server

You can configure your ESX console to send notification via Mail for particular performance issues, to achieve it please do the following:

Open Venter -> Administration à Mail

Smtp Server: <Exchange IP>\<Exchange FQDN (>

Sender account:

Open Venter -> Administration à SNMP


Now we need to set the alarms:

We can set the alarm to a single host or setting it on the entire data store:

Add alarm-> Triggers (Here we can configure the triggers that call the alarm!)->add (the Vcenter will add a default alarm we can Modify)

Open the Action tab -> here we actually set the actions that the server will take when one of the alarms will happened -> in action chose “Send a notification”-> in the Value tab insert the administrator E-mail account.

Exploring Maps of your Virtual infrastructure

·         Maps are automatically created – all maps are dynamics and update on every change you make

·         Maps can be exported in graphic format(Like .JPEG)

·         Maps are “live” and can be used for administration (we can click on one of the objects in the map and open that object)

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