Thursday, August 8, 2013

VMware ESX - Planning & Installing

Planning Recommendations for VMware ESX server
Before you start working with the ESX server you need to thing you working with a usual Physical server, therefore you should choose the best Hardware for this server to get the best performance from the Virtualization technology.
Here are the Key points you need to remember when choosing your hardware:
1.       CPU – when you choose the CPU for your environment you must ensure it’ supporting the VM technology (Intel VT or AMD V). You; also need to remember that more CORS you have you can achieve better performance.

 I attached the following link that can help you chose the correct CPU for your ESX server from VMware site:

2.       You always need to remember that the performance of the virtual server host determines the performance of every virtual server guest in the host. That also applies to the disk and network infrastructure. So don’t save money when you buy the ESX server.

3.       I already touch the point that ESX server and moving to virtualization can save you money and space, therefore you need to plan the new Virtualization model with the question of fewer high performance servers vs. lower performance servers.

I also want to give you the points that I look before I’m planning Virtualization project, that’s only recommend steps so I hope you had benefits from them:
·         First, examine the number of virtual servers that you will run on each ESX servers so you can plan the Hardware requirements.

·          Second, examine Application requirements of each application running inside each virtual machine, this point can help planning your environment structure when you thinking about future storages (Sam\Nas) and so.

·         Networking – here I recommended to look for the feature, you need to remember that you need NICS for the storage and for Vswitches so think carefully about the future architecture when you buying your NICS.

·         RAM – here there is only one role! More is better! I suggest starting in 16GB and more, today it's cheap and that can make the difference.

·         CPU – Work with the processors that give you more CORES for example 4*quad-core = 16    cores.

·         You need to remember that not all application is goof for Virtualization, so you need to know which servers suggested for Virtualize and which are not. It’s recommended that you chose the applications for consolidation to virtual servers are less demanding applications that don’t make full use of their hardware(Web Servers \ Monitoring Servers….)



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