Thursday, August 8, 2013

VMware ESX - Migrating a VM from one ESX server to another

·        Migrating a VM from one ESX Server to another is easy to achieve

·        Simply, this just means you are “moving” the VM to another Host.

·        Migrating a host while it is powered on, with no downtime ,is called Vmotion and a separate license key is required for that (System must be “highly compatible”)

·        This includes the VMDK file,VMX file, and other associated files

·        This is easy to do because it is an option in the VI client – see Migrate to New Host

·        The source and destination ESX servers must be in the same broadcast domain

·        The resources that are in use on each  side must match and be available on each server.

·        A shared storage array (FC,iSCSI, or NFS)

·        Vmotion and DRS (Load Balancing) work with migration to create VMs that can instantly be moved to another ESX server, based on load, without any downtime for the end users

Migrating –V2V and P2V

·        Migrating from one virtualization platform to another (V2V)

·        Migrating from a physical machine to a virtual machine (P2V)

·        Use VMware Convertor!

VMware Convertor

·        VMware Convertor  -

·        Works to Import & Export VMs between VMware player , Workstation , Server, and ESX(with help from Virtual Center , in case of ESX)

·        VMware Convertor 3.0 capabilities :

o   Hot cloning and remote cloning – clone a VM while it is running , local or remote

o   Local hot cloning is used to move systems to VMware ESX

o   Task management

o   Virtual Machine Guest configuration

o   Using Microsoft Sysprep, customize the target VM

-          Guest identity

-          Computer, owner ,and organization name

-          Security ID (SID)product ID license

-          Network properties

-          Install VMware Tools

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