Thursday, August 8, 2013

VMware ESX -Setup and Management Options

VMware ESX management Options

·         VMware Service Console

o   All the traditional RHEL commands are available, including scripting options, you also can see the Service Console address on the VMware Networking section.

·         Using the ESX Service Console

o   SSH

o   Must install a SSH client – such as secureCRT ($) or Putty($free)

o   It’s good feature that I recommend to know because in some cases you must use  it access your ESX server when the GUI is not available (In case toy deleted the Service Console)

·         VMware Infrastructure Web Access

o   Installed by default – you can access it with https://ServerName or Server IP address

o   Not as full features as the VI client.

o   Used to manage individual server only.

You also can use this feature for downloading VMware Client.  

·         Virtual Infrastructure(VI)client

o   A full GUI client for VMware ESX and Virtual Center.

o   The most full featured ESX management option(with this tool you also Log in for the VM console for Central ESX server management)

o   Runs only on Windows system.

o   Can point to many ESX servers (But you need to Log out and Log in each server).

o   Required to be used for ESX server management.
Installing the VI client

o   Download from the Web Interface -https://ServerName or Server IP address (will be available after you finish install the ESX server)


o   Install & take the defaults
Click Run ->

o   Login to VC server or ESX server with IP or DNS name.

o   Who can login?

Local admin group members if VC Server is not on a DC




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