Friday, August 9, 2013

Exchange Server - Ports you need to know

Port:                                                   Protocol:
110\995                               POP3\POP3 over SSL
143\993                               IMAP4\IMAP4 over SSL
25                                        SMTP
80/443                                 HTTP\HTTPS
389\636                               LDAP\LDAP over SSL
3268                                    Global Catalog LDAP
88                                        Kerberos
53                                        DNS
6001\2\4                              RPC over HTTP

A port is an endpoint that clients use to create connections between applications and services. Each service or application use port that enables the communication.
Since ports numbers well known it’s also can use for attacking that application, so we need to understand which role we open in the firewall before enabling inbounds or outgoes connections .

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