Friday, August 9, 2013

DNS - NSLookup

NSLookup is fantastic toll that help us to resolve troubleshooting in DNS server role. At first when you type the NSLookup command we will see the HOST and the IP address of the DNS server that configures as our DNS server.

To exit the NSLookup too all you need to do is to type “exit”.
You need to know that when you run the NSLookup too it’s always search for your Local Domain unless you provide a different FQDN.

For example we can resolve HOST names into IP’s:

We also can query for the opposite:
Now I will provide you all the switches NSLookup as to offer to help you the best as possible:
Switch and the function he provides:
NSLookup -> here we lunches NSLookup tool.
Set Host Name -> Return the IP of the host name we provide.

Set Timeout=X -> here we determine the interval time limits.
Set Type=X ->
Here we can chose the query return type (A, ANY, CNAME, MX, NS.PTR, SOA, SRV).
Set Querytype -> exactly like type.

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